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Blade Triniy - the official press release
Weapons of Vampire Destruction, CaféFX Creates a Catastrophic Climax for Blade Trinity

Burrell and his team started practically. "Since we had to show the viral cells overtaking healthy ones, we viewed miles of medical footage to get an idea of what the process actually looks like. And, since the shot was to begin inside the main vampire and work it's way out, we also gave ourselves an anatomy lesson. The goal was to create something fantastic, but based in the realistic, to forcefully drive the story."

“We applied this technique to the viral cells. Zoomed in, you see them working and moving, pulled back, it's like a mist floating through the air, and the surrounding action takes focus. We made heavy use of the X-Dof plug-in for Lightwave, which diminishes the depth of field when going macro, which is how true macro looks. Again, it's taking something visually fantastic, and applying a realistic, practical look and feel," said Burrell.

After the smoke cleared, and the sequence was completed, director David Goyer, impressed with the results, sent Burrell a thank you card. "That may have been the first time that's ever happened," said Burrell. "He thanked us for creating a 'truly haunting and creepy' sequence. Which, is great, and was the intention, although sometimes you lose sight of that, hunched over computers."

Visual Effects by CafeFX Inc.

Facility Effects Supervisor: David Ebner
Executive Producer: Jeff Barnes
Digital Effects Supervisor: Everett Burrell
Visual Effects Producer: Vicki Galloway Weimer
Visual Effects Coordinator: Phillip Moses
Lead Animators: Greg Jonkajtys, Gabriel Vargas, Danny Braet
Compositing Supervisor: Akira Orikasa
Compositors: Votch Levi, Mike Fischer
Character Rigger: Domenic DiGiorgio
Rotoscoping: Toby Newell, Nic Spier, Joseph Hoback
Matchmovers: Jeremy Cho, Cory Redmond, Manuel H. Guizar
3D Tracking: Victor Grant
Art Director: Glenn Hiramats
Data I/O: Jack Wells, Larry Thomas
VFX Editor: Desi R. Ortiz
Production Assistants: Kathi Galloway, Rhonda Thompson
Accounting: Sharron Sever

Akryls is an amazing CG short film by Yann Couderc, Xavier Henry and Bruno Hajnal. It features plenty of impressive shallow focus shots simulated by X-Dof. The movie, production info, and full credit list can be found at:

"X-Dof Studio is very fast and produces some very sexy images!"
Kevin Quattro / Zoic Studios
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