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A rendering plugin-set visualizing the nature of light, especially phenomena by which day-light spectrum becomes visible. In particular, Spectrum offers a complex dispersion simulation, light diffraction, and lens aperture diffraction.

Combining the best of both worlds - the art and the optics - this product allows artists to render visually impressive fictions, and engineers to simulate a wide range of real-world effects. The scope of various applications includes photo-realistic renditions, correct single-layer refractions, lens filters, chromatic aberrations, atmospheric effects, holograms, various psychedelic visions and more.

"Spectrum and LightWave go great together, it is only natural.."
Gary Coulter / FuzzyGoat Ltd.
Shepperton Film Studios, UK
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Latest Version:
rendering toolset
Sep 24, 2003
1.0, Sep 24, 2003
LightWave 7.x - 9.x
OS 9 / OS X