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Evasion3D proudly presents MicroWave, the futuristic projective rendering(TM) system for mental ray®. First and foremost, this product will turn anything you can render, into a real-time 3D content regardless of the scene complexity, or shading features applied. Zero render-times and maximum efficiency, photo-realism, and extremely detailed textures are the major benefits of this powerful system. Welcome to the new era of digital texturing!

MicroWave, the first complete scene-projecting solution, built into one of the industry's leading renderers is a must for every high-end pipeline. Reliability, speed, accuracy, above all the enormous flexibility make it a truly powerful production tool. Already at the time of its official release, MicroWave became a part of several cutting-edge productions, including:

Nikopol - movie trilogy (Duran Duboi), Unreal Tournament 2003 (Epic & Digital Extremes), Broken Sword 3: The Sleeping Dragon (Revolution Software), Serious Sam 3 (CroTeam) and counting.

"Impressive!! We are buying more LW licenses so more people can use the MicroWave here, and you can quote me on that! "
Pancho Eekels / Digital Extremes
"MicroWave is an insanely powerful tool for games designers, who are going to relish the power to combine high and low res assets within the game environment."
Benjamin Smith / 3DWorld
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rendering toolset
Apr 03, 2005
1.0, Apr 03, 2004
Maya 6.0, 6.5
mental ray 3.3, 3.4